Friday, October 16, 2015

Prepping Tip: Buy Foods on Sale and in Bulk

Kraft Dinner Emergency Food
Score! The Canadian Superstore had a super sale on Kraft Dinner (the original). Half price. So I stocked up for my family emergency survival needs. 

This is how you stock up on foods for long-term storage for your family. Buy on sale and buy in bulk. 

One box of Kraft Dinner cooks up to 3 cups of final product for lunch, dinner or a snack.

Can't afford to stock survival emergency foods for a year? Aim for one month. One flat of Kraft Dinner cost $21.30 and is 35 boxes.

Guess what? 35 boxes of Kraft Dinner at 1/2 cup per person per day feeds a family of 6 for just over a month (at one box daily)

Guess what? 35 boxes of Kraft Dinner at 1 cup per person daily fees two adults for 7 1/2 weeks.  Wow, almost two months of survival!

You are a family of two adults and two children? Okay for 4 people you will get at least 4 weeks and you can have 1 full cup of Kraft Dinner daily.

Everyone can do this. Aim for 30 days of food. Watch for sales. Be sure the foods you are buying have a good shelf life. Store them carefully when you get them home. Protect from humidity and extreme temperatures.  

We dumped ours out of the boxes (to save storage room and to add oxygen absorbers to prolong shelf life) and poured all the pasta into one of our big pails, then added the appropriate number of cheese packages. My wife wrote out instructions for how much pasta for each envelope of cheese and wrote it on the outside of the pail in magic marker. She also put how many boxes of Kraft Dinner were in each pail so we would have some idea of how long each pail will last our group. 

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