Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It Can Happen Anywhere - Are YOU Prepared?

It Can Happen Anywhere - Are YOU Prepared?

A telecommunications failure in the Yukon  pushed many communications services in the territory right off the grid. It started with a power outage in Whitehorse.

When the lights came back on about four hours later, telecommunication circuits began to crumble, cutting off phone, cellular phone, Internet and other services within Whitehorse and as far away as Yellowknife, NWT, and Fort Nelson, B.C.

Because 911 service is unavailable in Whitehorse, additional officers have been put on the streets so citizens can flag them down to report problems.

Yes it's the Yukon but don't think for a moment this can't happen to you. Are you prepared?

Do you have food and water stored? Medicines? Do you have a plan - either bug-out or bug-in? Does everyone in your family know what to do in an emergency situation? Take a look at the blog topics on the right and start reading if you want to be prepared for any crisis situation

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