Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thousands Flee California Fires.......ARE YOU READY?

Prepping For Wild Fires
In what was perhaps one of California’s fastest-burning wildfires in decades several Northern California towns were practically destroyed. More than 180 homes burned sending panicked residents fleeing on highways lined with buildings, guardrails and cars in flames.

Wild fires are perhaps one of the hardest things to prep for but fortunately you can do a few things to mitigate the risk. Here are just a few suggestions to help you deal with this growing threat.

1. Watch the news and be informed. Many people are simply caught off guard. Knowing the fire is coming can save your life.

2. Have your Go Bag ready. You may only have seconds to run so have everything you need ready at all times.

3. Keep your car fueled up. No time to stop for gas when you are running for your life.

4. Keep your yard as clear as possible. Get rid of junk like wood and brush. Keep trees and other flammable vegetation away from your house. 

5. Try to avoid houses that are close together. Fire can jump from house to house so when choosing a house look for one with a minimum of 50ft separating it from your neighbours.

6. Less flammable housing. If you can choose a house made of cement of brick with a steel or tile roof. Many houses burn as a result of just a few hot embers floating on the wind.

7. Build a fire shelter. As a last resort if you just can not outrun the fire a fire shelter can save your life. Many designs are possible but basically a fire shelter is usually a structure separate from your dwelling that is made from a non flammable material like cement. Often they are buried or partially buried to take advantage of the insulating properties of the soil. 

And of course remember all the basic prepping survival tips like keeping your cell charged. Have the local emergency responders numbers programed into your phone. Have alternate escape routs planed for both your car and on foot. Know the location of possible shelters. 

With a little thought and effort you can do a lot to keep yourself and your family safe from wild fires. 

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