Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The robots are coming. Part 2

Robots and Prepping

I am not talking about the Terminator Robots rising up and exterminating humanity. That's a long way off and probably not hard to prevent. What I am talking about is the fundamental changes that robots will bring to the way our society functions. For thousands of years humans have had a very simple yet effective way of doing things. We trade for goods and services. I do something for you and you give me something in return. Its a simple and effective system. But robots could bring it all crashing down around us.

It is perhaps a sad fact but most humans are employed doing what can only be described as drudgery. Sure lots of people are brain surgeons or rocket scientists but they are the exception not the rule. Most of us spend our days toiling at jobs that really don't require a great deal of brain power. And it is just such jobs that the robots are going to take from us first.

Lets take a look at just a few of the jobs that are going to disappear in the next 10 to 30 years.

Taxi Driver - 300,000
Truck Driver - 3.5 Million
Infantry Soldier - 500,000
Bus Driver - 500,000
Factory Line Worker - 10 Million
Fast Food Workers - 3.5 Million
Grocery Store Workers - 1.3 Million
Bank Tellers - 600,000

Add in all the other jobs that Robots can do like cutting your grass and washing your floor and you may have 50 Million jobs lost in North America in the next 50 years. Some experts believe within 100 years we could have nearly 100% unemployment. How we deal with this change will be a huge challenge. If we handle it right it could be a golden moment for Humanity. We will be free of drudgery and danger in the workplace. We will be free to be artists and philosophers. Or if we mess up the transition it could bring massive unemployment, starvation and death. Time will tell.

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